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I'd love to hear your life story.

Humans have been making sense of their lives by writing since the dawn of time. Telling your tale—whether fact or fiction—can help you process your experiences and clarify the wisdom you’ve gained. Plus, you just might create a fantastic piece of written art to treasure forever!


It's my passion to help writers unlock their gifts and tell their stories. 

I'd love to hear the unique tale that makes you you





Always diligent, efficient, and a pleasure to work with, Elizabeth has been an invaluable asset for me and my myriad projects. Let her be one for you as well.

-Eli Goodman, M.D., author of The White Horse

Elizabeth Watson is a careful and detailed editor, and her input results in a clean and well-written manuscript. But, even more important, I trust her understanding of where I am trying to go in a piece.

    When invited, she is able to reflect on inflection and meaning, picking up subtle coloring, and making suggestions that help me clarify my intent as an author.


-Barbara Olson, author of Gondar, Ethiopia

As literary artists, we paint the scene as we picture it. Elizabeth Watson is a genius who understands human nature and validates our challenges while knowing intuitively how to bring our words to life. She deftly chooses the most beautiful lighting, then provides the frame to render our work a masterpiece. Unequivocally Elizabeth is a valuable asset to both writers and their readers.

-Dana Andrews, author of Room in the Heart

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